Matt McDonald


I have a knack for communicating ideas visually. Let's design something cool together!


Designing interfaces-wrap is fun. Building them is even cooler.


Sound design is my true passion.

Nice to meet you

I’m Matt McDonald. I am a multidisciplinary designer, illustrator and code nerd based in Austin, TX. Originally from Northern Virginia, I moved to Austin in 2014 to sink new roots into the booming art, music and tech industries. When i’m not spending time with my family, you’ll find me creating things, getting outside in nature, or producing music.

My Work

There is but one singular human experience that drives me to sit down at my work station each day — and that is the magical feeling of seeing people interact with and enjoy things I create for them. Whether it's a motion graphic to add some pizazz to a client brand, a smooth website experience

OutboundEngine Website

eGo Bikeshare

Scrypt Website

Runa Sustainability Report

Good Grade Pill


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Maker of Tunes

Sound is as fascinating to me as visual design. I’ve spent buried in the studio. Check out some of my soundcloud!

Let's Work Together

Coder of Things

When i’m not designing experiences, i’m building them on the web.

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Want to Work With Me?

Need some design work done? Looking for someone to collaborate with on your next big project? Don’t be shy! Drop me a line. Let’s make waves 🌊